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  • Posted 3 days ago

    Several years ago I went on an Easter holiday to Ocean City, MD and spent some time getting my flow on while I was on the boardwalk.

    I had a friend take some video--it was some of the earliest footage I'd seen of myself moving with poi and I was overcome with one thought.

    I looked...

  • Posted 6 days ago

    Learning transitions is almost like learning poi all over again.

    We all know that feeling when you've spent hours trying to learn a trick and the moment of victory when you can do it reliably.

    Then you realize you have no idea how to connect it to your other tricks...

  • Posted 2 weeks ago

    What is home?

    It's a deceptively simple question but it somehow becomes a lot more complicated when you travel frequently. I have people and places that feel like home to me all over the world.

    Home feels like watching Game of Thrones with my friend Kate McCoy in Ohio. Home feels...

  • Posted 15 weeks ago

    By and large I feel like people in the Flow Arts community fit into one of two categories: those that want to pick up all the props and those that want to get really good at just a few or even one.

  • Posted 20 weeks ago

    I’ve spent some time now playing with both the Future Poi Lites as well as Future Poi Remote and I’m gonna cover how they operate, how they feel, and give a brief overview of pros and cons for these.