Here are some frequent questions when it comes to ordering poi or using my site!

What kind of poi should I get?

No idea where to start? Get 90 mm heads with 22 inch rope tethers and pom grip handles with 2 washers in your choice of colors. Seriously, this accounts for 90% of my orders and fulfills the needs of almost everyone.

With that out of the way, here's some recommendations for specific cases:

  • If you want to play with orbitals, get flowcords for tethers instead of rope.
  • If have smaller hands, get 80 mm heads instead of 90 mm.
  • If you are wondering if you should get 100 mm heads, you should probably get 100 mm heads--90s work for almost everyone but if you're even wondering you'll probably be happier with bigger heads.
  • If you're interested in manipulation or poi juggling, get rope tethers that are at least 24 inches long or longer.
  • If you are playing with gunslingers or other tether manipulation tricks, go for heavier handles.
  • If you intend to use your poi for stage performance, get white or orange heads in either 90 or 100 mm and white rope tethers. Otherwise your tethers will disappear in the stage lighting.
  • If you want to perform inversions or inside tricks, go for 20 inch tethers.

How soon will my poi be made up?

All my poi are made up in custom hand-made orders, so each is made to order. This means that even when I have all necessary parts in stock, it can sometimes take me up to a week to make up a set of poi. I will update your order when your poi are made up and you'll be sent an email with an update. If there are delays in receiving a supply order, it can take multiple weeks to fulfill an order. If you need an order fulfilled immediately (ie, a rush for a performance), you can write me through my contact form to determine the feasibility of a rush order. Please note: this does not guarantee I can make a rush order happen.

How will I know when my poi ship?

Usually you'll get an email from Paypal that will include the tracking number for your order. It's not unusual for these emails to wind up in a spam filter, so please check there before writing me.

What kind of a warranty is there for my poi?

If any component of your poi fail or are damaged due to normal wear and tear within the first 6 months, I'll replace the part or poi free of charge. Please note: on occasion poi will come out different lengths and you may need to fine-tune their length yourself to get them to the length you want. 

How can I get in touch with you?

Write me at my contact form with whatever issue you happen to be encountering.